Chocolate Chip Cookies, Round 1…

For our first competition we decided to compete at something we are both pretty confident about- baking. To make it fair, we decided that we should have to start from the same base and see who could alter the ingredients and come out with the best cookies at the end. We started with chocolate chip cookie dough (the recipe from the back of the bag).

After the dough was divided evenly, we decided which other ingredients we each wanted to add. Taylor went with coconut, sliced almonds, and more chocolate chips. I went for my all-time favorite kind of cookie and added butterscotch chips and quick oatmeal.

It was easy to tell right from the start that we had two very different styles. Taylor’s look perfect, but I was going for taste over appearance.

I ate about half of my cookie dough before it ever made it in the oven, but I still think both batches of cookies turned out pretty darn well (even if someone’s looked a little fancier than mine)!

I was hoping that taste counted over vanity, but I can’t lie, his cookies were tasty. As a test, I took all of the cookies that actually got baked to work with me and innocently left them in the break room all mixed together. I didn’t tell anyone which cookies were made by which competitor to see whose would disappear faster.

Much to my dismay, I walked back into the break room about halfway through the morning and this is what I saw…

The worst part is that I think I started with less cookies because of all of my dough eating. That might mean that I technically lost round one, but what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies, Round 1…

  1. Well it is obvious that blogging runs in the fam, and I must say, I love this! The pictures are amazing! Which one of you is the unbelievably awesome photographer/will you give me lessons!?

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