koozies and cupcakes

Sunday night, Taylor and I set out on our next competition. I’ll just go ahead and tell you that one of us had far less success than the other… Determined to remedy this fail, we tried again with a different competition on Monday night. Again, one person did pretty well while the other one fell short.


We decided to see who could decorate cupcakes better on Sunday night. I took the easy way out and opted for the spray can of icing that is really easy to make look pretty. Taylor wanted more of a challenge, though, so he opted for the icing bag. If I’m being completely honest, you should know that Taylor is a better cook than I am. But sadly for him, I have far too much experience with the spray icing and my cupcake kicked his cupcake’s butt. Do you agree?

Here’s my fancy cupcake.

And here is Taylor’s. To be fair, using an icing bag is way harder than using the easy icing. Let’s just say that this competition didn’t last very long because of the level of frustration one of us experienced.

So Monday night, we decided to try again. This time we were seeing who could make the cooler looking koozie. I can sew pretty well so I was very confident entering this competition. My head was in the game and I was ready to win. Sadly, I’m afraid I spent a little too much time mocking the fabric Taylor had chosen for his koozie and not enough time planning out how I would actually assemble mine.

We both set off working hard, but Taylor took an early lead and never looked back. Yes, he is stapling his koozie together. Awesome.

I tried more than one way of assembling my koozie, but my first attempt was certainly a failure.

It was back to the drawing board. I switched from failed glue to sewing, with hopes that everything would go a little more smoothly.

But despite my best attempts and my chipped nail polish, I still couldn’t seem to get my koozie to work out how I had planned. Taylor’s turned out perfect for any picnic.

You can’t even tell he made it using a stapler! How does that beat my master seamstress skills?!?!

Obviously his koozie was far better than mine. This time, I was the one who had to cut the competition short.

Despite the slight failures I think we both had fun! I even learned something from these competitions! At first I thought the moral of the story was to not compete at something that one of us has a great deal of confidence in, but in retrospect I think the REAL moral of the story is to always choose the easy way out. Spray icing > icing bag. Stapler > Sewing machine.


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