batting cages and drive in

Saturday night, it was time for a new adventure! Taylor and I headed to a drive-in movie in the mountains.

We got to the movie nice and early which meant that we got a good parking spot for the movie.

There was still time to kill before the movie… so what should we do?

Now I know that most people would think that a drive-in movie sounds like a nice sweet date, but of course we had to add in some element of competition.

There was an arcade inside so we played a little basketball. It’s pretty apparent from my form that I didn’t do very well.

Taylor’s form looks a little more natural than mine. That might explain why he got double my score!

24-12. Pathetic! Taylor won round one.

Of course I couldn’t let the competition end after such a bad loss, so we headed out to the batting cages.

I think I let competition get the best of me because I insisted that we try fast pitch softball. It didn’t go well. I hit 2 out of 15 balls.

But that’s okay, because Taylor hit none!

We moved over to slow pitch and we both had a lot more success! I hit all 15 pitches this time!

Taylor hit most of them, too!

It ended in a draw. Taylor won basketball and I won softball! I think it’s better when we both win!

After all of the competing, it finally started getting dark and it was almost time for the movie to start!

After getting some refreshments, we were ready for the movie! The movie was good, but not as good as the feeling of victory!


6 thoughts on “batting cages and drive in

  1. My favorite competition so far has been the cupcake/koozie event. Partly because I love Taylor’s (stapled) koozie made of the perfect fabric, and partly because I recently made the most homely (yes, homely – not homey) batch of cupcakes on earth. Any of my family who saw them can vouch for this – if they have stopped laughing by now. It’s harder than it looks!!

  2. You two are the type of people who should be eliminated from the gene pool. This is the most useless and pointless website I have ever seen. I would suggest investing in a webcam and some sex toys, and maybe you will get more hits. Cupcakes and drive in movies is not going to do it in today’s internet world. However, due to the fact that neither of you are all that attractive, perhaps it is best to remain clothed. To be fair, Sara’s best feature by far is her chest.

  3. that kid Bobby is such a jerk face! You guys are both SUPER HOT and SUPER COOL! I love all the competitions! I have some ideas for future competitions:

    ice sculpting
    staring contest! (post LOTS of pics for this)
    thumb wrestling
    midget wrestling
    mixed martial arts
    potato sack race
    finger painting

    ok guys I’m clearly not as creative and clever as you two are so I’m out of ideas for now!!! I’m going to meditate on it and get back to you guys ASAP

    xoxoxo Goo Goo

  4. OK, Bobby, slither back under your rock where your belong. This website is clever and entertaining and lots of fun just the way it is! I can’t wait to see what Taylor and Sara’s next competition will be!

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