80’s night! Costume challenge

Even though Taylor was barely in preschool and I was still in diapers at the end of the 80s (yes, he’s a cradle robber), Saturday night we channeled our inner 80s selves and got all dressed up for a friend’s birthday party. I was so excited about my awesome dress that we had to turn it into a competition.

When it comes to themed parties, I’m not afraid to go all out. I spent a morning in Goodwill finding this beauty. It’s a black velvet dress with the most beautiful puffy sequin sleeves.

The scary thing is that I’m already trying to convince people that this dress would be perfectly acceptable to wear to other functions. Wouldn’t this dress be perfect for a wedding or a Christmas party? I’m just saying…

The best part of shopping for this dress was when the woman at the checkout counter at Goodwill told me that this dress was “kinda outta style.” She didn’t think I should buy it, but obviously she was wrong! What better way to dress up for an 80s party than in a dress actually from the 80s?

Taylor went more for the beachy 80s look. It didn’t take hours of scouring the local Goodwill to find this awesome get up, though. All it took was a trip to Old Navy. They were actually selling these shorts for people to wear and thought this was a good colored shirt. Scary!

The highlight of Taylor’s outfit was definitely the shorts. They were a great length for showing off his tan lines. These are supposed to be swimming trunks, but they were perfect for his 80s outfit. What would you do if you saw someone at the pool wearing these seriously? I might have to leave!

Despite the two very different styles presented in our 80s looks, we just can’t decide who looked better or more 80s. So, we’ll let you decide! And remember, there’s frozen yogurt on the line!


3 thoughts on “80’s night! Costume challenge

  1. Umm, Jayne, didn’t you actually have this dress in the 80’s (in a different color) – or was that your friend Fleming?

    • It wasn’t that EXACT dress–mine looked much better with polka dots. I just don’t understand why Sara is making fun of Taylor’s clothes. I think he selected a timeless ensemble that was trendy in the 80s and now. In fact, I just went to Old Navy and bought that exact outfit for Ken for Father’s Day!

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